It's a me, Mario!Geek Girl Editing is a San Diego-based editing, writing, and indexing business that has been helping companies polish words, populate content, and beat high scores since 2007.

Geek Girl is run by me, Heather Simental, a skilled (and yes, fairly geeky) copy editor that was able to harness OCD tendencies into a career! The itch to meticulously inspect everything is quite helpful when smoothing out all the kinks and inconsistencies in a document.

I started editing professionally after earning both my bachelor's degree in Linguistics and a Copy Editing Certification from UC San Diego. After working as a writer for a few local companies, I began writing web content under Geek Girl. Indexing was a natural skill that I discovered early on in my editing career that I was able to strengthen and put to good use as well.

I am incredibly passionate about helping my clients get the best possible end product when I take on a project. I want the material to be presented in the best possible way for the reader and I want my clients satisfied that we've done the best we can to acheive that goal.  

When I'm not making word magic, I'm probably running around a park with my wheelchair-bound French Bulldog, cooking up a new vegetarian recipe, or sticking my nose into some sci-fi.